Shirasunamura Chapter 7

Another series that’s gone far too long without a release. I should mention now that I cannot continue Shirasunamura unless someone offers to translate it for me. While I’ve gotten decent enough that I can read it and translated this chapter myself, the series just has so much text that I would have to drop almost everything else I work on to be able to do it at a reasonable pace.

Anyway, this is the start of Volume 2. Hopefully it won’t be the last release for the series, although only time will tell.



Shirasunamura Chapter 6

Everyone has their limit, that one thing they just don’t want to do, and the redraw at the end of this chapter is mine. Anyway, only nine months after the first chapter was released, Volume 1 is now complete. Included are some interesting notes and photos taken from Imai Kami’s website which give some insights onto the art and setting of this manga.


On the subject of Imai Kami, there has still been no word whatsoever on his new series in Ultra Jump. I am interested in doing it when/if it ever starts, but given how busy I am in general, it’s not that likely unless a) It’s actually Needless 2; b) I’ve finished other stuff by then; c) It gets steady translations and the like. Volume 2 of Shirasuna is scanned, although I’m not even going to bother with getting scans for 3 for some time due to how long this takes to work on. Honestly, I’m considering just waiting for someone else to take over; I’ve read up through Volume 4, and while it is getting quite interesting (and even ties into Needless eventually), it is also a very, very slowly developing series and I’m not sure if I can handle commiting to the remaining 9 volumes.

Shirasunamura Chapter 5

Only one chapter left in Volume 1, after which things may or may not go faster. I really have no idea.


Still haven’t gotten Joker raws, which means no Akame or Shinigami-sama yet. Big Gangan is also out in Japan now, so I’ll start on Akame Zero when I get that. Both Akame series will be getting the cover and lead color of their respective magazines (plus alternate covers for the volume releases) next month, meaning redraws will be fuuuun. I’m hoping to pick up the guidebook next month, too.

Text files of Hataraku volumes 1-4 have been acquired, meaning translations should come much faster than before. Volumes 1-2 are mostly just for me right now, although we might or might not translate them later.

Shirasunamura Chapter 4

Finally done with the enormous redraws in this chapter. Two chapters left in Volume 1, after which the size of the redraws goes down considerably. Lots more text though, so maybe it’ll balance out.


Hoping to get the Hataraku prologue done soon, then go on to Chapter 1.

Shirasunamura Chapter 3

Fairly easy chapter this time. Chapter 4 is back to being absolute redraw hell, but 5 and 6 are mostly alright with the exception of one ginormous redraw at the end of 6, which also has some detective files to mark the end of Volume 1. All of those chapters are translated, meaning I should probably get to scanning Volume 2 soon. I’ve read 2 and 3, and those are MUCH lighter on redraws, though they make up for it in the sheer amount of dialogue. Planning on buying some more volumes when I get a chance so I can see what happens later. Ten volumes seems much shorter when I’m not editing it…

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Since next chapter is going to take a while to come out due to redraws, might as well take this opportunity to say that I could really, really use some redrawing/typesetting help. I can do most of the cleaning on my own, but redrawing and typesetting are taking so much time that I really haven’t been able to focus on some other things that need doing (read: Kigurumi and Yuusen). If you’ve got experience in either one, please let me know.

I’ll probably just release Iron Knight tomorrow regardless of whether Knight’s ready, four days is way too long to have to wait after the chapter is already done.

Shirasunamura Chapter 2

Yay for absolute hell redraws. The next two chapters are translated, and mostly light on redraws, so those should be out in… less than the two months this chapter took. Chapter 5 is back to redraw hell though, so who knows about that. I pretty much gave up at some point in the redraws this chapter, and while it should ┬ábe good enough, let me know if anything needs fixing because I’m not going to bother looking.

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In other news, there’s a oneshot by the author of Yaotsukumo that I’ve been wanting to do for quite some time. It’s always been on my (huge) list of things to do when I get around to it, but it just shot waaay up the list. The reason is… it’s turning into a series in next month’s issue of Young Ace! The author does oneshots all the time in Young King Ours (there’ll be yet another one next month, in fact), but I haven’t been able to do much with those since no one wants to translate stuff without furi. However, as Young Ace does have furi, I will definitely be looking forward to (and potentially picking up, if stuff works out) the new series, Match Girl. There’s also another series in Young Ace, Bungo Stray Dogs, that I’ve wanted to do for a while that looks like it’s actually happening, so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do both. The latter actually has someone willing to translate it and I’ve got all the raws, so I’ll definitely be doing that, but I really, really like Suzuki’s works and especially the Match Girl oneshot… eh, I’ll find a way to make it work out. If anyone’s interested in helping me pick up Match Girl, let me know.

Shirasunamura Chapter 1

Oh look, it’s finally done. Would have been out about two weeks ago if I’d been able to just live with not having that one spread redrawn, but oh well. My thanks go out to Rain for doing the Spread O’ Rape for me (you’ll know it when you see it in the chapter). I think that might be the hardest redraw I’ve ever had to do, including Needless. Chapter 2 isn’t translated yet so I’m not sure when it’ll be out, but editing it should definitely not take as long. Again, in case anyone didn’t already know, Shirasunamura has ended in this month’s issue of Comic Rex. I forget exactly what chapter number it was, but it’s in the high 70s. Volume 10, which is the last one, will be released on February 27.

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Akame Zero is translated, so I’ll start working on that next. Got one more final, then glorious winter break.