Gleipnir Chapter 1

And yet another new series instead of stuff I’m actually supposed to be doing. Found this yesterday and really liked it, plus it was easy as all hell to translate (if not redraw) so here’s the first chapter, which is the only one out so far. While I would really like to see where it goes, and would definitely be interested in picking it up if Chapter 2 keeps my interest, no one’s ripping Young Magazine the 3rd right now and I don’t care enough to buy it just to see if I like the chapter, so dunno if that’ll happen. Still, if I’m able to get YM3rd raws, I’ll try and continue it.


Kitan Jojishi Mother Goose

Here’s a oneshot from the first issue of Jump SQ.CROWN that I really, really liked. I hope it gets serialized, or at least that the author gets to do some stuff in the main SQ magazine. Either way, I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for stuff by him.


Was hoping to do ib today, but I’ve got a cold and colds suck so that’ll have to wait. Maybe Saike since I don’t have to translate that, but it’s unlikely until I’m feeling better.

Ad Astra Per Aspera Chapter 1b

Here’s part two of chapter 1, which might as well be chapter 2 but I assume it’ll be combined in the volume. Anyway, I doubt I’ll continue this much longer (if at all) since I really didn’t like this chapter that much, so not much point in working on it unless chapter 2 is really good. Then again, it’s Hata so who knows, he could literally just ignore everything I didn’t like about this one for the next five volumes or something like that.


Instant Bullet Chapter 18

Another chapter of ib. Chapter 19 is longer and fairly wordy so it’ll take a bit to get out, and after that the wait for volume 5 raws begins. I can probably start translating from the magazine raws, but there’s been enough changes in the volumes so far that it’s really not worth releasing with magazines when the volume will be out within a month or two.


Instant Bullet Chapters 16.5-17

I promised some ib this weekend, so here’s a whole two chapters of ib. Since this volume had massive changes made, I’m going to wait until the fifth volume is out next month to release those chapters (20-25), which means I can either speed through 18 and 19 or stretch them out a bit to last the gap. I’ll probably hold off and release 18 in a week or two so there isn’t a whole month of waiting. That said, the final chapter has confirmed that it was the end of “Part A” of the series, and while most series that end “Part One” never actually get a continuation, the publisher’s note explicitly does not refer to the fifth volume as the final one, so hopefully an announcement will be made either in the fifth volume or future Dengeki Maoh issues.

Chapter 16.5
Chapter 17