Surebrec: Nora the 2nd Chapter 1

Somehow managed to get this whole thing translated and typeset in a day. Time sure flies when there’s nothing else to do. Anyway, this is a sequel to the series Nora: The Last Chronicle of the Devildom. All nine volumes of Nora were released in English, but for whatever reason, this never was. It’s only one volume sadly, as despite being advertised as “part two” of the series, Monthly Shonen Jump was cancelled just a few months after it started, and it didn’t manage to score a transfer to Jump SQ. Still, Nora was one of my favorite series back when it was coming out, so I figure it’s finally time to get this out in English.


Hitoribocchi no Chikyuu Shinryaku Chapter 35

Ended up getting the translation for this about ten minutes after releasing 34, plus it’s a bit shorter than usual for whatever reason, so here you go. I’ll be using magazine raws from now on, so there might be a small drop in clean quality, although I’ll try and avoid that if possible. Still, Gessan has some really crappy printing so I might just say screw it eventually.


Alright, now to work on that series… after Gamma… I’m never getting it done, am I.

Hitoribocchi no Chikyuu Shinryaku Chapter 34

So the whole chapter-a-week thing hit a bit of a snag, but who cares. Chapter 38 just came out in Japan a few days ago, so we should still be caught up within a month or two. Anyway, this is the final chapter that’s available in volumes until Volume 8 comes out, meaning it’s finally time to move on to magazines!


Gamma 7 is (finally) translated, so I’ll try and edit that soon. Other than that and possibly more Hitoribocchi/Seki-kun if I get translations for those in the next few days, I’m putting a temporary ban on myself working on most series because there’s a series I’ve been wanting to work on for a really long time, got scans of it, and then haven’t touched it in a few months so I’m sort of forcing myself to get started on it already. Also school stuff, so that too.

Tonari no Seki-kun 72nd Period

Three months, huh? Eh, that’s not so bad.

For what it’s worth, while it looks like I’ll finally be able to start releasing Seki-kun again, it will go very slowly if I have to redraw everything myself. If you want to help out, I’d be very thankful for that and it’d help speed things up quite a bit. If you’ve got experience redrawing (this is important; I’m still thankful if you want to help, but I honestly do not have the time to teach anyone how to redraw or fix poorly done redraws), shoot me a message or something.


(There’s also one or two series I’m very interested in picking up if I can get a translator, but those are even harder to find than redrawers so I probably won’t even bother asking.)

Iron Knight Chapter 16

One chapter left! To clarify a few things: this was the final chapter published in Jump, meaning for anyone who only read it in the magazine, this is how the series ends. However, there’s a 40-page final chapter that was written for the volume, which is the “true” ending. I’ll get working on that soon, although the extra page count means it’ll take a while. In the meantime, I’ll hopefully have some other stuff like the new Wedding Rings chapter out soon.