Kaguya Wants to be Confessed To Chapters 27 & 27.5

I thought this would take most of the weekend to redraw, but it ended up getting done pretty quickly. Two chapters this week, both with lead color in their respective magazines to celebrate Volume 2 coming out. Looks like the volume’s already sold out pretty much everywhere, too. I think my copy’s supposed to arrive on Monday.

Regarding Chapter 27, some of the puns could have probably been better but there are certain things that I am not looking up online. Also, anyone who feels that puns should be left untranslated with little notes in the margins is free to complain and will be summarily ignored.

Chapter 27
Chapter 27.5

Vulgar Bingo Chapter 1

This just started a week ago, and it looked fun so I did it. It’s kind of like The Metamorphosis meets seinen Ratman meets whatever the hell the author’s smoking. Probably won’t keep it up since parts of it were a massive pain to translate, but it might be good enough when the next chapter comes out next month. The author’s new, I think he had a oneshot that won Afternoon’s Four Seasons award a couple months ago but this is his first series.