Magazine Boys’ Valentine

Here’s a special chapter to close out Valentine’s Day. It’s a collaboration between four series from Weekly Shonen Magazine, although it probably counts the most as a Real Account chapter. Some… interesting revelations about a few characters you might be fond of.


Haru no Houtai Shoujo Chapter 15

And back to being caught up, at least for the next few days. Chapter 16 should be the last one in Volume 4, which means there’s actually a fair chance it’ll end with that. If it doesn’t, I’m honestly expecting it to end at Volume 5. Maybe I’m just having a pessimistic outlook on stuff lately, dunno why that’d be. Sure seems to be heading toward an ending, though.


Bungo Stray Dogs Chapters 5-6

Two chapters of Bungo for today.

Chapter 5
Chapter 6

I plan on finishing out this volume at the very least, but I’m not sure at the moment how much longer I’ll keep doing this series, since as I found out with Akame, knowing that another group is working on the same thing just destroys my motivation to keep going. Cleaning takes literally twenty seconds a chapter, but typesetting (and getting someone to translate it in the first place) can be a pain. It’s annoying that this is happening after I’ve been trying to do Bungo for literally over two years now (the series started right after I began buying Young Ace for Yaotsukumo and I was a fan from the first chapter), but what can you do.

On a more positive note, Haru 15 either tonight or tomorrow, depending on if I feel like typesetting it. That’ll make us all caught up until 16 comes out next week.