Saike Mata Shitemo Volume 1

Got free volume raws that didn’t need any cleaning at all and the guy I thought was going to do it like eight months ago apparently hasn’t, so here’s Volume 1. I also redid the first chapter with the new raws, which I normally wouldn’t but they were just that much better.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5

Whether or not I’ll do anything past this depends on a bunch of things, including but not limited to being able to get raws that don’t need cleaning, being able to get raws for free, how much time I have, and how much I actually care. It’s on a pretty erratic publishing schedule anyway, so not that being timely matters too much anyway. There are a few other series I’d like to pick up a lot more, but I haven’t been able to find anyone to translate them so oh well.

Uramikoi, Koi, Uramikoi Chapter 3

Took a while because this chapter is freaking huge. All the chapters after this are normal length, so they should be out faster. Chapter 4 is already translated, so that’ll hopefully be soon. On a related note, while I do read the series monthly in Gangan Joker, I’ve decided to only release with volume raws even after we catch up, since there are significant changes made from magazine to volume, including dialogue and even characters’ names. Anyway, that’s the end of Volume 1. Volume 2 has up to Chapter 9, and Volume 3 should be out in July, so that won’t even been an issue for quite some time.


Iron Knight Epilogue

Maaaay have been exaggerating a bit when I said that was the end. After the final chapter, the original Iron Knight oneshot is reprinted in the volume, and then after that, there’s a few pages that aren’t even listed in the table of contents. If you liked how the final chapter ended, you don’t need to read this, but it couldn’t hurt. Anyway, that’s the end for real this time.


Iron Knight Chapter 17 – END

Took about a year longer than I thought it would, but Iron Knight is finally done. It’s hard to tell how much was planned from the beginning and how much was pulled out when the author heard it was getting canceled, but at least it got more time to finish it up than most series do. Coincidentally, it was just announced yesterday that the author will be doing a oneshot in the next issue of Jump NEXT, which comes out in July, so I’ll definitely be looking forward to that.


Gamma Chapter 8

Infodumps at the beginning of the chapter! Five character bios at the end of the chapter! An extra chapter after that! A huge afterword after that! I seriously don’t know how I didn’t break something while translating this, but it’s done. Also learned more about Godzilla translating the afterword than I think I ever needed to know, so there’s that. Anyway, that’s the end of volume 2, and the story really starts to pick up from here on. I’ll try and get it out faster than I’ve been doing it before.


Godspeed Chapter 1

New series, because I really, really don’t want to typeset 80 pages of Uramikoi right now. This is by Enaga Takabatake, who you might recognize as the author of Latin. It started last year in Miracle Jump, and will end next month with two volumes total. (It wasn’t cancelled, the amount of promotion and color pages it was being given makes it very obvious it was doing well.) I’ve wanted to do it for quite a while, and actually have HQ magazine raws for the first several chapters, but the volume ebook is out now and that looks much better. I did throw in the color pages though. I’ve also got the raws for the original Godspeed 0.1 oneshot, but that’ll probably have to wait a while since the series takes priority.


Anyway, Gamma 8 and Uramikoi 3 and 4 are all translated. I’ll start working on those in some order when I get the time.