Ad Astra Per Aspera Chapter 1a

Time for yet another new series! This time, it’s the newest work of Kenjiro Hata, author of Hayate the Combat Butler, and this will be serialized in the same magazine on a monthly basis. I still haven’t decided whether or not I’ll actually pick this up or just leave it with this chapter, since while this time it was easy to translate and I was able to get cleans, there’s no guarantee that’ll happen in the future (and even if it’s still easy to translate, I absolutely am not going to clean 40 pages of Sunday-quality printing a month, especially with Hata’s art style). If I could get some help, particularly with the translating, it’d be much more likely, although to be honest if someone’s willing to help I’d probably ask them to help with some other stuff I’ve got.

Anyway, this is chapter 1a because the magazine didn’t have room for an 80-page chapter, so 1b will be published in one month. And if you read Hayate, I highly recommend that you read this before reading this week’s Hayate chapter because… well, you’ll see. Actually, if you read Hayate, you can probably guess why, it’s really not that hard.


Fate/Mahjong Night Chapter 1

And now for something completely random. I came across this and decided it just had to be translated. It’s a 4-koma that gets one strip released every day, so this is just the first one of those. I’m not planning on doing any more because I’m absolute shit at mahjong, but there should be enough people out there who like Fate that one of them is actually good at the game and feels like picking this up.


Gamma Chapter 20 – END

And that’s all. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading Gamma as much as I’ve enjoyed working on it.

When I first started buying Jump SQ, Gamma was a little over halfway through its run with Volume 3 having just come out. Since it was still fairly new and I wanted to be up to date with as many series in the magazine as possible, I bought the volumes and immediately fell in love with it. While short, it’s become one of my favorite series, and I can’t wait to see Jun Ogino’s next work.

I’ve also started trying to get a hold of some of his older works, which are mostly oneshots that were published in Jump SQ.19. I do have the raws for Namida wo Yurushita Jigoku no Shisha, a oneshot published in the main SQ magazine about a year or so before Gamma began serialization, but the others are proving very hard to find due to old SQ.19 issues being, well, old. Still, while I can’t say it’ll be much of a priority, I’ll do my best to get and translate as many of those oneshots as possible.

With that said, enjoy the final chapter.


Gamma Chapter 18

Time to see if I can finish the series before I go back to school next week. Since I had absolutely nothing to do at work today, Chapter 19 is already translated and should be released tomorrow. Chapter 20’s got the afterword and the other end-of-volume extras, but hopefully it’ll be doable.

Also I should just point out that the chapter title sounds a lot cooler in Japanese.