Melancholia Chapter 2

Done with chapter 2, whether I’ll do more or not depends how much I care when the next chapter is out next month. I should be able to get scans for the first two chapters of Dowman’s other new series, so I’ll do that whenever I have them. Also Kaguya and Let’s Lagoon come out tomorrow.


Melancholia Chapter 1

Dowman Sayman started two new series today, and I actually wanted to do the other one since it’s an actual series like The Voynich Hotel, but Young Champion Retsu has a two week delay on its ebook release and I can’t exactly buy the physical version to scan for reasons, so here’s the first chapter of this one. It’s a oneshot collection like Nickelodeon, but in Ultra Jump instead of Ikki so the content might be a bit different since the magazines are (or were, in Ikki’s case) for pretty different target audiences.

There’s two chapters this issue, I might do the second but that really depends on if I get tired of trying to finish Persona 5 this week, I’m like 75+ hours in by now. After that, I don’t know if I’ll keep doing it since it’d really depend on if I like each month’s individual chapter enough, but I’m sure someone else will if I don’t since it’s Dowman.


Gleipnir Chapter 16

Short chapter this month, those reading for the plot should have plenty to enjoy though.


Also I just learned that a certain group that likes doing popular series might be considering picking up a certain popular series I work on, so yeah, that might end up happening.

Nectar of Dharani Chapter 2

Bought the magazine to see how it was and unlike a certain other series I did the same thing for, it didn’t start completely sucking in chapter 2 so here’s that. I’m still not sure if I’ll keep going or not since doing this takes significantly more work than almost anything else I do, but someone else told me they’re interested in doing it so even if I decide to focus on other things, it’ll still get done.