Let’s Lagoon Chapters 29-30.5

Randomly started reading this and I enjoyed it, then I looked at the translations and saw the last release was nearly three years ago so I decided to do a few chapters. Editing is super easy but the author loves huge text walls so I don’t think I’ll do any more right now. That said, if someone ever picks it up, it shouldn’t be too hard to catch up. The series hasĀ  a release schedule worth of Dowman Sayman, to put it in perspective these chapters are in the middle of Volume 3, and Volume 4 just came out a few weeks ago.It’s pretty much on a schedule of one volume every two years, so there’s plenty of time for someone else to translate it.

Chapter 29
Chapter 30
Chapter 30.5

Beet the Vandel Buster Chapters 48-49

So, it’s been literally almost a decade since this got any new chapters. The artist was really badly injured or something and the series went on hiatus back in 2006 after Chapter 48 was published, and it finally came back last month. Since Volume 12 only had up to Chapter 47, 48 was reprinted and 49 is the first new chapter in nearly ten years. I’m not planning on doing any more since the series is still licensed and I don’t like working on those, but it’s going to be ages before Volume 13 will be out in Japan, let alone get an English release. The series is now being published in Jump SQ.CROWN, which is released once every three months, so Chapter 50 will be out in July. Volume 13 will probably have up through 51, so hopefully that gets released within the year and then Viz can put out their translation so people can read the series again.

Buy the official volumes if you want to support the author and all that, although I’m assuming anyone who reads this already has since those are really the only translations there are.

Chapter 48
Chapter 49