Uramikoi, Koi, Uramikoi Chapter 43

New volume time.



Hitoribocchi no Chikyuu Shinryaku Chapter 70

Going to try and finally catch up this month since the series is ending in a couple chapters.


Also since a few people asked me about Kemono Jihen recently. may as well give an update on that. Long story short, Kaguya burned me out and I lost basically all my motivation to translate stuff, so on the rare occasions I do feel like doing something, I need to spend the time on the series I’ve committed to. I still follow Kemono Jihen monthly and enjoy the series, but if I try to keep doing it along with what I already have, I’ll just end up not doing anything at all. If someone else wants to pick it up then I may be able to help a bit if they need it, but unless something really changes I don’t think I can keep doing it myself, sorry.