Regarding Pumpkin

Some comments from Ferdinbeer, the translator from Akame here.


There seem to be a myth going around that Pumpkin can now spew fire. Let me put that to rest once and for all.

1. Chapter 5: Pumpkin description

pumpkin description photo PumpkinCh5_zps4cb88f66.jpg

精神エネルギーを衝撃波として打ち出す銃の帝具 (A firearm teigu that shoots shockwaves using emotional energy as a source). Pumpkin was established to shoot shockwaves, not fire.

2. Chapter 53: Maintenance

maintenance photo Capture_zpsd2bf78f2.jpg

セリュー戦後にメンテを重ねて正解だったわ (Good thing I kept up with the maintenance after the battle with Seryu). Merriam Webster Dictionary’s definition #3: “the upkeep of property or equipment.” Maintenance does not allow new abilities. I wish my car maintenance would turn my Toyota Highlander into The Batmobile, but that’s not how maintenance works.

3. Chapter 53: The 火力 line

firepower photo thermal_zps8e360ca1.jpg

パンプキンのエネルギーは誰も見たことがない火力へと昇華していた (Pumpkin’s firepower increased to levels no one had ever witnessed before).

First, let’s take 火力which can have two meanings. First definition. 火の燃える勢い。また、燃える火の強さ。(Intensity of a fire. Alternatively, strength of a fire.) Second definition: 銃砲などの火器の威力。(Power of firearms such as guns.) (source: Many of you readers thought it’s the first definition. But it’s the second definition. To play devil’s advocate, we can ask the question “but what if Pumpkin didn’t suddenly become a flamethrower, but is now shooting thermal shockwave?” The important nuance to note here is that 火力 specifically has to do with fire. Something has to be burning. For example, 火力発電 (karyoku-hatsuden) is thermal power/steam power generation, but in order to generate steam power, you have to burn coal or some source of fuel. Unlike Rubicante (Bors’ teigu), Pumpkin has no fuel tank to shoot heated attacks. This eliminates the possibility of Pumpkin shooting some sort of a thermal shockwave.

Next, let’s take 昇華 (shouka). The Japanese dictionary definition appropriate for this term is 物事が一段上の状態に高められること。(Source: ) which translates to “for something to be raised to a higher state.” That’s where I came to “ …increased to levels…” That to me sounds like Pumpkin was strengthened, not being rebirthed into a fire type and thus suddenly super-effective against ice types.

Also, look at Mine. See how she’s cloaked in whatever Pumpkin is firing? It’s not really a good idea to set yourself on fire, no? Pumpkin’s source of energy is “emotional energy” and that cloak is showing how much emotional energy is being fed to Pumpkin.

Pumpkin received a significant power boost from Mine purposefully invoking danger by charging in by herself and taunting the two strongest characters in the empire, not because it suddenly developed an ability to spew fire.

Akame ga KILL! Chapter 53

Same-day releases suddenly get much harder when chapters are back up to normal size and redraw hell. Anyway, here’s this month’s chapter. Volume 1.5 has been scanned, so that’ll come out whenever I have time.


Bit of sad news in this month’s Joker: Shinigami-sama will end next month with chapter 18. 16 should be out within the next week as typesetting is done, all that’s left are redraws. 17 will be worked on when I’ve recovered from Akame.

Angel Game Chapter 3

I’ll be gone for the next three days, so here’s one last release before then. Was hoping to get to doing Chapter 4 today too, but that didn’t end up happening due to lack of time. Anyway, there’s two Senyu references this chapter to prove that it is indeed by Haruhara Robinson, in case anyone was doubting that. One quarter of the series down, three to go.


Also, the Hataraku Volume 3 afterword and bonus images (which is what took so much time) have been posted, and Volume 4 has been started. Akame raws should come in early next week, and Volume 1.5 is out in Japan today, so scans will hopefully come in the next few days, most likely while I’m still gone and can’t do anything with them.

Yuusen Shoujo Chapters 13-14 – END

Finally managed to get myself to do these, so here’s the final two chapters of Yuusen Shoujo. It was pretty obviously not well-planned at all, but it was still a fun series, and I hope the author starts a new one in the future. Enjoy.

Chapter 13
Chapter 14

Also, Ajin Volume 1 is out in English today, so you can buy that if you still read the series. Naturally, my copy won’t come for another few weeks because of stupid pre-order shipping… oh well.