Akame ga Dropped (Zero too)

So as you probably know, MangaStream released the new chapter of Akame today, along with several previous chapters. Because I don’t see the point in working on something that’s already been released, this means that I’m dropping the series, along with Akame Zero.

Just to clear a few things up:

I’ve known for months that MangaStream was planning on picking up Akame; I know several people in the group, and was told that they were going to do it. When they didn’t release that month’s chapter, I assumed they’d cancelled their plans, but apparently that wasn’t the case and they were just holding off for whatever reason. That they picked it up now was a surprise to me, but that they did it at all wasn’t.
I am not, nor have I ever been, the person posting spoilers. I’ve scanned a total of two chapters of Akame, one each in 2012 and 2013, and both of those were for Naselare back when he was the one releasing it and the usual scanner was late.
I am also not the one translating Akame. Seriously, look at a damn credits page for once.

Coincidentally, I have another reason for dropping the series now; the raw provider has apparently decided to stop scanning, effective immediately. This has nothing to do with MangaStream (as far as I know), but it does mean that even if they weren’t doing it, I wouldn’t be able to. They have their own dedicated scanner who, as you can probably tell by the fact that Gangan Joker comes out on the 22nd and it’s only the 20th, is able to get magazines much earlier than anyone else, so they’re the only ones with raws right now.
Unfortunately, this means I no longer have access to raws for any series I do from magazines. As of now, that mostly affects Akame (dropped anyway, for reasons above) and Akame Zero (dropped anyway because I was only doing it as long as I was doing Akame). However, it also affects Shinigami-sama, which also runs in Joker, and was going to end this month. I do buy Joker (and Jump SQ) every month for my personal reading, but I am not scanning my copy, which means that I am unable to get raws for the final chapter of the series. I could possibly be persuaded to get a second copy of Joker this month for Shinigami-sama, but I will not buy and scan a magazine every month because I have much, much better things to do with my time and money.
I was also saving up Donyatsu raws for whenever I got a translator, along with Hitoribocchi and Seki-kun for when I finished with the volumes. I can make do with Seki-kun because I can get web raws for the forseable future, but since I now can’t get the others, any plans to move on to magazine raws are scrapped. This also makes it very unlikely for me to pick up any magazine series in the future, since I won’t be able to get raws.

Sorry for the bad news, but that’s just how life is sometimes.

Angel Game Chapter 5

Actually screw it, here’s Chapter 5. This is the end of this arc, and since this arc was what really got me into this manga, my interest goes a fair bit down afterwards (and the amount of text goes way up), so it’ll probably be a bit longer before I do more of it. There’s only seven chapters left though, so it’s not like it’ll take an insanely long time to finish.


When you’re done wondering what the hell just happened, see if you can spot the Senyu reference in this chapter to remind yourself that yes, this is written by Haruhara Robinson.

Angel Game Chapter 4

Originally wanted to get this out together with Chapter 5, since that one completes this arc, but got busy with other stuff.


I’m currently in my final week of classes for the semester, after which I have a week of studying and then a week of finals. This is going to mean I do very little work on releases during that time, since finals take priority over everything. Yes, this includes Akame, which comes out in Japan in less than a week. I’ll try and get it out as fast as possible, but I do have priorities.

Tonari no Seki-kun 69th Period

On to Volume 6, which is, for at least the next two or three months, the most recent volume. I’m not sure when exactly Volume 7 comes out, but I have all the magazine chapters, so those can be used for translation and then have the numbers changed to match the volume when it comes out. I still need a translator for this series; I can get a few people to do a chapter or two each, but there’s no way of knowing when, or even if, that’ll happen. If you can help, please let me know.

In other news, less than a month until Vertical releases Volume 1 in English, and if you’re thinking about getting it, it’s half off today only if you preorder it at Barnes & Noble, so you can get it for less than six dollars (plus shipping). Of course, this is after I already preordered it…


Hitoribocchi no Chikyuu Shinryaku Chapter 24

Late night release since I already had all the cleans done when it was translated. I was working on Angel Game, but the script for this came in in the middle of that, so that’ll be either tomorrow or whenever I feel like it. The next chapter of Hitoribocchi should be translated soon, and while I’m still using volume raws, it had the magazine cover and color pages as it’s the first chapter of Volume 6. I’ve got the color pages all redrawn already thanks to IRST, so I’ll be able to include them. Volume 6 is the most recent one, and 7 should be released in two months, so at the current rate I should be able to switch to magazine raws starting with Volume 8, at which point we’ll be able to catch up with the monthly releases. Something to look forward to in six months or so.


Tonari no Seki-kun 68th Period

At last, a new chapter thanks to a borrowed translator. He’s only doing a few chapters as far as I know, so after those, it’ll be back to stalled unless someone else offers to help out. Vertical will be releasing the first volume in English next month (got my copy preordered), with a volume every two months after that. If at any point the official releases overtake me while it’s stalled, the series will be dropped for obvious reasons. That also still applies if I’m asked to stop, of course. Anyway, this completes Volume 5, so enjoy the chapter.