Bungo Stray Dogs Chapter 2

Managed to get this out with a little over an hour to spare. I also managed to get volume raws, meaning cleaning should go much, much faster from now on. Of course, this is after I already scanned the next few chapters from my old Young Ace issues, but why should my work ever end up being useful?


As stated previously, no releases whatsoever for the next few days. Hopefully, Akame raws will be in by the time I get back and I’ll be able to start working on that.

Donyatsu Chapter 39

Color page for the… second chapter of volume 4. Not quite sure how that’ll work in the volume, but whatever. Volume 4 will contain up to chapter 50, and will be released on May 24. I’m hoping to catch up some time soon, as there’s only about a ten chapter gap now and the series is going to be on break next issue of Young Gangan. Either way, 200 releases!


Bungo Stray Dogs chapter 2 might be out tonight. If I don’t have time to typeset it, which is very likely as the series has very large chapters, it won’t be out until Tuesday night at the absolute earliest since I will once again be gone for a few days starting tonight.

Yuusen Shoujo Chapter 9

I maaaaay have pushed off doing this a bit due to having to translate it (poorly) myself and the sheer amount of spreads. Seriously, I think this is the most I’ve ever seen in one chapter outside of maybe One Punch-Man. Anyway, it’s out now so all’s good. There’s apparently another extra chapter in Volume 2, and quite possibly some stuff in Volume 3. I don’t really want to go to the trouble of buying a whole volume just for a few pages, so whether I’ll end up doing those or not mostly depends on how much extra stuff Volume 3 has. Problem is that there’s no real way to check without buying them, which kind of defeats the whole purpose.

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There will be absolutely no releases for the next few days, and I won’t be able to work on anything. I am trying to get as much as possible done by other people over that time, so hopefully there’s be progress on Shirasunamura and Shinigami-sama, possibly others. I’ll try and get Kigurumi cleaned once I’m back, too.

Akame ga KILL! Zero Chapter 6

And here’s the new Akame Zero. The series will be on break this month, meaning no new chapter until the end of May. It’s especially cruel given the way this chapter ends (;_;), but oh well. This is a joint with MTO, who claim Iron Knight will be cleaned today. Please bug them about that.

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Doubt there’s going to be much in the way of releases this week, as I will be offline and unable to work on anything for a few days starting tomorrow night. I’ll see what I can do, though.

Donyatsu Chapter 38

And so volume 4 begins. Next chapter will take a bit of time because it has a color spread. Back when this chapter was published in the magazine, Donyatsu went on a six-week break, so we’re keeping it as authentic as possible. In all seriousness, it will take time.

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Haru tomorrow. Would have been out tonight, but I was overcome by a sudden urge to not redraw, and ended up doing Donyatsu instead.