Tonari no Seki-kun 66th Period

As promised, this one’s a direct continuation of the last chapter. It’s double-length too, so enjoy.


I have a feeling my Mediafire account might get suspended soon, as several chapter (mostly Akame) are being flagged. If that happens, I’m not going to bother reuploading everything; I find it much easier to read online myself, so downloads have never really been a priority for me anyway. There’s XDCC as a backup, but that goes down every now and then too.

Gamma Chapter 2

I said I’d work on finishing Yuusen before continuing this, but I just haven’t been able to get motivated for that recently so here you go. Sadly, it is very, very likely that Gamma will end next month in Jump SQ with Chapter 20 being the last one. If it doesn’t, I can say with near-absolute certainty that it’ll end with Chapter 24. The series is in its final arc, is wrapping things up, and hasn’t been doing very well in the rankings, so all that’s left to see is if it’ll get one more chapter or one more volume to finish.


Also, I did a small v2 of Chapter 1 a little while ago to change a character’s name to the official spelling, so go ahead and redownload it if you want.

Akame Mousepad

Took a bit longer than usual to get my copy of Joker this month, but figured that now that I’m home for the weekend, might as well give this a quick scan. The actual mousepad is pretty small, but hey, it does what it’s supposed to.


Hitoribocchi no Chikyuu Shinryaku Chapter 15

Translations for this were delayed for a little bit, but Chapters 16 and 17 are already translated to make up for that, so those should be out relatively soon. Gamma 2 is typeset, so I just need to look it over and do a few redraws before that’s released. There’s one author interview page for Gamma that I really wanted to include, but the amount of text it has is just way too much for me, and it wasn’t in the volume anyway. I’ll see if I can get someone to help me with it, but unless that happens in the next day or so, I’m just going to ignore it. (On the subject of magazine-only stuff, if anyone happens to have an old May 2010 issue of Jump SQ lying around for some reason, I’m trying to find an old oneshot by the author of Gamma that ran in that issue.) Anyway, those’ll be out soon, and hopefully I’ll finally be able to get myself motivated to finish Yuusen.