Hitoribocchi no Chikyuu Shinryaku Chapter 17

And here’s another chapter. Two left in Volume 4, which is also how much is left in this arc. Getting volume raws for 5 and 6 has been a bit more trouble than it should be, but I do have all the magazine raws, so I might just end up using those. Either way, I’ll try and get the rest of volume 4 out soon. Also, regarding the quotations in this chapter (more of them will appear in the next two); they might not match the official English translation exactly because apparently the Japanese translation is slightly different in some places or something. I don’t know, I haven’t actually read it.


Hataraku Maou-sama! Volume 3 Complete

Title says it all, really; Volume 3 is finally completely translated. There’s still the afterword and the images at the end of the volume, plus I should probably do another round of proofreading, but you can now read the entire story in English.

Plans for the future… As of now, Ferdinbeer is planning on continuing with Volume 4 for one reason only, and that reason is that Alas Ramus is absolutely adorable. Those plans may change, and I still plan on taking whatever content we have up down when Yen Press starts releasing the series next year. Until then though, enjoy reading it.

Angel Game Chapters 1 and 2

So this is an interesting little series I found a while back by Haruhara Robinson, who you might recognize as the author of Senyuu and Gakumon. He’s not doing the art for this one though, which is just as well because it’s VERY different in tone from those. In face, if you averaged this and Senyuu out, you’d probably get a normal series. Anyway, this is a manga remake of his orignal Niconico webcomic, similar to Senyuu Main Quest (ironically, I just got my order of all three volumes of SMQ part 1 yesterday), and it just finished at twelve chapters. I figured since it’s insanely easy to translate, at least at the beginning, I’d pick it up if no one else had by the time it ended. There’s a sequel series running in Shonen Sirius right now, which I haven’t had a chance to take a look at yet. Anyway, this’ll be fairly low priority, just something to fill in the gaps between other series. I just wanted to get these first two chapters out since they really set the mood for the series.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2

Akame ga KILL! Zero Chapter 10

This month’s chapter isn’t out for another day, so… still up to date? Delays were a combination of waiting until the cover was fully redrawn (thanks to Sasori and IRST from MTO for their godlike color redrawing skills) and me having little to no interest in working on the series. Hopefully it’ll get more interesting soon, but… Anyway, next chapter some time in the future.


Tonari no Seki-kun 67th Period

Only one chapter left in Volume 5, and it only took six weeks. Volume 6 is the latest, and if I can finish that then we’ll be up to magazine raws. Enjoy the chapter.


Also, I”m just going to start deleting any Mediafire links that get flagged. If anyone complains that links are dead and asks me to reupload the files, I’m just going to ignore them.

Rock Me Amadeus 1st Movement

Didn’t think I’d get this out today, but here’s that first chapter I mentioned earlier. This is from Young Magazine the 3rd, a new magazine that just started this month. It’s got quite a few surprisingly good series, so I figured I’d do one of them. This one’s by the artist (not the author) of Fort of Apocalypse, and it’s just so amazingly bizarre that I couldn’t pass it up. That said, I’m not planning on doing any more than this chapter because I simply don’t have time. Chapter 2 should come out in Japan within the next two or so weeks, so hopefully someone else will continue the series when that happens.