Onideka Chapter 19

With some of the stuff I have to look up to translate this and Kaguya, I’m kind of worried I might get put on some sort of list at some point. I think this is the end of what’ll be in Volume 4 when that comes out in a few days, so almost caught up now.


Onideka Chapter 15

I started this last week and then it turned out I had stuff to do all weekend that I didn’t know about, oh well. There’s a collaboration poster between the series and some other one from the same magazine, so I threw that in at the end.

Also the magazine Babylon is in was doing this weird thing where I could buy it for 30 yen but now that’s over so I’m not sure if it’s worth buying anymore. Maybe if I’m lucky it’ll show up online but I kind of don’t want to pay full price every month for six pages so not sure if I’ll keep doing that. If anyone buys Young Champion Retsu I guess let me know.


Onideka Chapter 14

The author split a previous chapter in two in the volume release, so the chapter numbering was off by one until this chapter, where he skipped from 12 to 14 to make them match up. So there’s no missing chapter, the numbering’s just weird.