Onideka Chapter 23

This release brought to you by the several hours of nonstop Eurobeat I had playing while working on it to get the motivation to typeset back, because Eurobeat is fantastic.



6 thoughts on “Onideka Chapter 23

  1. I just want to express my appreciation to you for going to all the trouble of translating this. I’ve just started studying Japanese myself, and that shit gets complicated. If you’re reading this, translator…you are my personal hero.

    I am absolutely loving this story. Totally hooked. Every chapter is better than the last.

    Also: ‘MURICA.

  2. Thank you for the chapter!

    I have a feeling the author could be hitting a wall though.
    “Let’s just introduce 15 girls in one chapter”, I don’t know how the series can stay interesting if it becomes “monster of the week”. Let’s hope it doesn’t take that route completely.

    Initial D Eurobeat definitely makes any day better.

    • I’d say the opposite. If the author introduces a whole bunch of new characters, that suggests he(?) has an entirely new and thought-out plot arc in mind.

      Most of the new giants are way smaller than Kiryuin is, so I don’t think that all of the combat will be limited to just her vs. whoever. She’d crush most of them easily, no drama there. I bet some of them will be fighting each other, not just gunning for Kiryuin specifically. Some may even form alliances with each other. I see the story potentially getting much more complex.

  3. Thanks for the chapter.

    I wonder why the spanish girl is a gypsy-latin american mix dressed as an andalus√≠ bailaora in Barcelona and has a job that, afaik, is exclusive of East Asia (or at least, it doesn’t exist in Spain).

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