Surebrec Chapter 5 – END

Finally got this finished, would have been done a while ago but it turns out no one reading it kind of kills my motivation. Nora was one of my favorite series so I managed to get myself to finish this, but I doubt I’ll do any more old series that no one’s going to read.

Anyway, Surebrec ended like ten years ago and the author hasn’t done anything since then as far as I know, which kind of sucks but oh well.



3 thoughts on “Surebrec Chapter 5 – END

  1. So I read all 5 chapters, even though I didn’t know about this series until this post. The original concept for the first series seems pretty cool. It’s a shame this sequel never got to live up to it, but I appreciate the effort and passion you put into scanlating this. Good work!

  2. Thanks guys. I’ve read the preque to this and I’ve been dying to read this. Keep up the good work. 🙂

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