Uramikoi, Koi, Uramikoi Chapter 25

Volume 6 came out last month, finally got the first chapter done. I’ll probably spread releases out to once or twice a month or so for this volume so it doesn’t end up being an insanely long wait in between volumes like before.


Lots of other things translated, including Surebrec, Saike, Godspeed, and probably Hitoribocchi, to be edited and released whenever I stop playing video games, so likely never. Also Kaguya is back this week.


4 thoughts on “Uramikoi, Koi, Uramikoi Chapter 25

  1. Thanks as always, Jag.

    I personally prefer long waits between volumes that short-ish individual waits between chapters, but that might just be me.

    • Thanks as always.

      I agree with you. It’s better to read the whole volume in one go than have to wait a month between each chapter.
      When it’s a long wait like you said, you just have to reread the last chapter but you can’t do that for those ‘short-wait’ (a month).

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