Kaguya Wants to be Confessed To Chapter 38

Volume 3 is out next week, and Kaguya will have center color and a collaboration with the cover gravure artist in next week’s issue to celebrate.



8 thoughts on “Kaguya Wants to be Confessed To Chapter 38

    • Yep. It’s actually the second gravure collaboration Kaguya’s had, but the first one was so minimal effort I literally wouldn’t have known it was supposed to be Kaguya cosplay if it hadn’t said so in big letters. Hopefully this one actually tries, or at least has her on the cover too.

  1. Thanks for the good job scanlating.
    Just to confirm, is there supposed to be difference with volume covers?
    My volume bought from cdjapan has a different colour than yours.
    My vol 1 cover background is red while yours is orange.
    My vol 2 cover only have one print of Fujiwara while yours have two.
    I like your version better.

    • The covers should all be the same. Volume 1 is probably just it looking different on a computer screen, my copy is red too. For volume 1, do you mean the second Fujiwara all the way on the right? That’s on the inside flap, you have to open it all the way at the back to see it.

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