Gleipnir Chapter 13

I’m kind of considering putting this on hold until the next volume is out, redraws are being a massive pain and I’m not sure it’s worth buying the magazine every month. Given Volume 2 is out this month, that’d mean another six or seven months until more new chapters so hopefully it doesn’t come to that.



9 thoughts on “Gleipnir Chapter 13

    • The guy who was translating it shows up like once every six months, does a chapter and promises the rest soon, then the whole thing repeats. I can try and finish translating it myself, but it’ll have to wait until at least one series I’m doing already is over.

      • If that’s the case then he seems unreliable.

        Please do.
        While time is not an issue, your current projects are all still on-going aren’t they?

        I can’t deny that I’m a little bit upset that the rest of Godspeed may be done lord knows how long from now.

        Could you not do a chapter once every 1-3 months or something like that?

        If not, then I’m grateful enough that you yourself would consider working on it in the future.

      • I still consider it “ongoing,” just lower priority than pretty much everything else. Right now I’m trying to finish up Surebrec whenever I have time, and Hitoribocchi should be ending soon. Once something’s done then I can start working on Godspeed again, it’s just that whenever I have anything else to work on then I’ll probably do those first because to be honest, I just like the other series a lot more than Godspeed.

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