Each Other’s Guardians Oneshot

Here’s a new oneshot by Jun Ogino, the author of Gamma. It was published in Yurihime, yet is somehow less explicit than Gamma was, which I find utterly hilarious given Gamma ran in a magazine for kids.

He’s been publishing a bunch of oneshots lately, and I’m trying to get scans for one that was in this month’s issue of Shonen Sunday Super. The issue’s sold out because of some Detective Conan giveaway though, so if anyone’s got that issue, I’d be very grateful for scans or at least a description of the oneshot.

The author’s also got a oneshot in Young Jump from a month or two ago, but I didn’t like that one that much, two in the first two issues of L Girls, which I’m not exactly going to try and get for obvious reasons unless someone pays me or something, and an upcoming one in November or December that hasn’t had what magazine it’ll be in announced. There was some new anthology called Eclair announced today though, I’m wondering if it might be in that.



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