Saike Mata Shitemo Chapter 33

Volume 5’s finally out, so time to get on that. The volume release was delayed a bit for some reason this time, so series 6 has already finished and 7 is set to start in about a month and a half. Volume 6 will probably be out in two or three months.



8 thoughts on “Saike Mata Shitemo Chapter 33

  1. Thanks. Glad it’s finally out.

    May I ask when the next chapter of Urami Koi is gonna be released?
    It’s been TWO months. Is it still ‘high priority’?

    • It actually would have been out last week, but I gave it to someone else to typeset while I did other stuff. I thought he’d have it done a while ago, but I haven’t seen him online since then. If I can’t get it from him by this weekend I’ll do it myself, I’m just trying to avoid me doing it and then him showing up with it done and wasting time. Definitely going to prioritize finishing off the volume now though.

      • Okay~~ Thanks for the info.
        Oh and I apologize for sounding pretty rude. Didn’t really want to rush you, it just has been a while since the last chapter.

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