Kaguya Wants to be Confessed To Volume 1 Extras

Two months late, at least one of which was completely because of a single page. Still, at least it’s before the next volume is out. I don’t care enough to go and reupload all the chapters with the little bonus pages at the end of them, but it should be pretty obvious which page goes after which chapter for those.

As a reminder, there is no chapter this week since the author is getting stuff ready for Volume 2 and next month’s special chapter.



4 thoughts on “Kaguya Wants to be Confessed To Volume 1 Extras

  1. Ummm… what does the last page with Fujiwara mean, with “correct” and the kanji? Because I am translating your work into Vietnamese, so please help me out. Thanks buckets xD

    • The joke is kind of lost because of the way I translated the original chapter, but basically, Fujiwara was drawing some kanji on Shirogane’s head. The bonus page shows that she drew one of the kanji wrong, and has the “correct” way to draw it. The joke is she messed up even though she’s supposed to be the secretary.

      • I’m clear now, now I can write your explanation as translator’s note now xD Thank you again.

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