Prison Princess Oneshot

Had this sitting around for like six months now, finally got around to finishing it. This is a oneshot by the author of Fantasma, another series I really liked. On a related note, if I can find someone who can help me out with editing it, I’d probably try and get Fantasma translated since it’s only three volumes long.



8 thoughts on “Prison Princess Oneshot

  1. Thanks!

    As a side note, when is the next chapter of Urami Koi going to be released? I don’t want to press, just wanted to ask since it’s been a while and last time I check I saw no news about it.
    And considering your speed (which is fast), I thought something happened.

    • Nothing really happened, I was just thinking that it’d probably be better to pace things on Uramikoi so there wouldn’t be a 5-6 month wait for the next volume to come out. I’ll probably ask the translator about doing the next chapter pretty soon.

  2. its been almost a year since the release of Nagareboshi ni Negau Hodo Bokura wa Sunao ja Nai have u dropped the series or has that been the only chapter created?

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