Let’s Lagoon Chapter 46

I’ve got 47 translated too but it’s late and I’m too lazy to typeset it right now cause it’s got redraws, so that’ll be out tomorrow. On to the wonderful world of magazine raws.



3 thoughts on “Let’s Lagoon Chapter 46

  1. This is unrelated to Let’s Lagoon but I don’t know where else to ask, for attracting potential editors for Pygmalion could you upload the raws somewhere? With only one chapter available people might not be interested enough to give it a shot.

    • There just aren’t any good public places I could post them so I was sort of just waiting to see if anyone asked. Plus it’s published for free online, so anyone who wants to see new chapters could just go to the magazine’s website. I could upload what I’ve got if you know anyone who might be interested, though.

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