Tokiwa Kitareri!! Chapters 31-32

I marathoned this so I’d have more stuff to read in Sunday, and ended up liking it enough to finish off this arc, so here’s the first two chapters of Volume 5. I don’t have volume scans so I just used the share magazine raws, so if someone picks up the series it’d probably be best to redo them with volume scans. Didn’t bother with much cleaning either, since hopefully they’ll be redone anyway. I’m not planning on picking up the series because the quality is really inconsistent and there’s a few arcs I just don’t care about, but I did like this one and these two chapters had barely any text so why not.

It’s worth noting that the Volume 5 cover has a fairly major spoiler for Chapter 32 and the series in general on it, but it should be so obvious if you’ve read Chapter 30 that even the author didn’t care about revealing it a chapter early.

Also, I have not read any of the previous translations for this. I checked what they used to translate a few of the terms when I remembered what chapters they appeared in, but there’s a limit to how much I care so there might be a few things that’re different.

Chapter 31
Chapter 32


2 thoughts on “Tokiwa Kitareri!! Chapters 31-32

  1. Thank you for the chapters!!!

    It’s a pity you do not pick up the serie for definitive, but it is something, if you need a TS to these chapters, contact me.

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