Kaguya Wants to be Confessed To Chapters 11-12

After a long break, Kaguya is finally back as a weekly series. It started in last week’s issue with two chapters, and redraws took a lot longer than expected because I was watching TV instead of doing them but they’re finally done.

Chapter 11
Chapter 12

As for future chapters, I’m not sure yet what’ll be done with those. I got raws for these two from someone who was buying Young Jump for Brynhildr in the Darkness, but that ended this week so it’s up in the air right now whether he’s going to keep buying the magazine. The main issue is money, so as much as I really don’t like to say this, Kaguya releases are essentially going to be completely dependent on donations. It’s going to cost somewhere from $2-4 a week to get Kaguya scanned, which may not seem like much but adds up really fast, plus I’m honestly low on money from buying Gessan and Young Magazine the 3rd already. To make a long story short, if people choose to donate, I’ll (hopefully) be able to keep up weekly releases. If not, well, the next volume is scheduled to come out in summer.


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