Osomatsu-san Chapter 4

Didn’t have anything to do and these are like ten pages each, so I figured I’d translate one. Chapters 1-2 are already translated and Chapter 3 is about Iyami, so I did 4, though they’re all episodic so it doesn’t really matter. I doubt I’ll do any more for the time being, but if one comes out that I really like I might do that. On another note, if Guren Five counts as shojo then I’ve now officially translated stuff from all four demographics, not counting kodomo because no one cares about that.


Also, Ichi > Choro > Cour 1 Jyushi > Kara >  Cour 2 Jyushi > Oso > Shit > Totty.


4 thoughts on “Osomatsu-san Chapter 4

      • -_-. … its shounen. . .it may have ran in there cause of the whole 5 man group of ikeman / bishounen for shounen that make it a bit more likeable for girls with not too much fanservice / panty shots directed at males and other such things to tone it down a little for the girls to like it, but its still fundamentally a shounen at its core. It may lean more towards a female audience if I get to see the later chapters, but from chapter one, its looking like a typical manga that could run in Weekly Shounen Jump. Trust me . . . I’d be an editor for one of those magazines if I got off my lazy ass and learned to read japanese, korean and chinese directly.

      • As shonen as the plot is, the only thing that determines the demographic is the magazine. It ran in a shojo magazine, therefore the series is shojo. You can even check bookstores to see where they categorize it, look in the top-left here and you’ll see it’s in the 少女マンガ (shojo manga) category.

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