Magic Book to Start from Zero Chapter 1

Found this a few days ago and liked it enough to translate the first chapter. I’m not going to be doing any more, partly because I’m busy enough as it is and partly because it’s based off a light novel series, which probably means that in some order, the original novels will start getting a crappy machine translation and it’ll become the Next Big Thing online, it’ll get an anime and everyone will say it was always crap because now people like it, and it’ll get licensed and taken down and grown men will lose their shit over having to pay actual money for things, if the past is anything to go by. Also it has a lot of text so translating it takes effort.



5 thoughts on “Magic Book to Start from Zero Chapter 1

  1. Thx for the release! This new series has a Katanagatari feel, tho ur logic behind not wanting to translate it due to its LN roots is pretty sound. Still, I for one will be looking forward to any continuation of it.

  2. You forgot to mention that, unless the manga adaptation is wildly popular, it’ll be axed after three volumes, just as things are getting interesting, having covered only the first volume of the LN series. And even if it survives beyond that point, there’s still the danger that they’ll condense what’s left, discarding great chunks of the story line as they go, and rush it to an unsatisfying conclusion in another three volumes when it should have spanned at least ten…

  3. A friend and I are interested in picking this series up as a pet project scanlation, but we’ve been unable to find raws through our usual routes. Would you mind emailing me some info on where you got your raws?

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