Monochrome Chapter 3

Apparently I had this half-done for months and forgot it existed. I originally stopped working on it because I didn’t want another ongoing series, but that problem seems to have solved itself as the author put it on hiatus for several months before randomly coming back with an epilogue chapter to cancel his own series. Still, that’s probably more that most people were expecting it to get, knowing him. I’ll do at least a few more chapters since the series isn’t that long, maybe even finish it, but it’ll be pretty low priority so if anyone feels like taking it off my hands, do let me know.



One thought on “Monochrome Chapter 3

  1. Really wish this author would stop starting series and then ending them prematurely before it gets really interesting. If he’s gonna be like this fo all his new stuff, he should just focus on Freezing; the only series he’s ever really committed to, and nothing else for the near future.

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