Kaguya Wants to be Confessed To Chapter 10

So if you haven’t heard by now, the big announcement is that Kaguya will take a short break and resume serialization in two months… as a weekly series. Obviously, there won’t be any new chapters until then, but it’s nice to see the author get some well-deserved popularity.

As for what I’ll be doing… For various reasons, I cannot buy Young Jump, where it will be moving to, myself every week. It is possible that I’d be able to keep up with weekly releases from the magazine if someone offers to scan it for me, although that really depends on the printing quality and redraws and stuff like that. What’s more likely to happen is that I’ll end up doing it from volumes to avoid having to deal with magazines altogether. The problem with that is that Volume 1 will be released in March, meaning Volume 2 – which is where any new chapters will be – won’t be out until somewhere around June at the very earliest. If you don’t want to wait until then to get more Kaguya and you or someone you know can get Young Jump scans, please let me know. If no one offers to scan it, I’ll have no choice but to wait for volumes.

Anyway, regardless of how many months it’ll be until the next one, enjoy the chapter.



11 thoughts on “Kaguya Wants to be Confessed To Chapter 10

  1. Say, did you know that after 16 chapters, the Monochrome Teito Ninpochou gotten an epilogue after all of that? So I was wondering if you could finish with the rest of it or maybe ask at Rapeman Scans by giving that group your sources of the chapters since from the site most of them have been replaced.

    • Yeah, I saw. It was kind of hilarious, the author put it on hiatus for two months before canceling it with an epilogue out of nowhere. I actually am thinking of finishing off the series since it’s over, and I’ve had chapter 3 all redrawn and half translated for months now. I’ll try and get that out some time next week, and might do more since I should have more time now that most of the series I’m working on are stalled waiting for volumes. If someone else wants to continue it or help with it then I’d be fine with that too, though I can say I probably wouldn’t want to work with Rapeman specifically for personal reasons.
      Anyway, long story short next week should have at the very least a Monochrome chapter and a Zetsurin chapter, possibly more of either or both of them.

    • She went from 肉 (“meat,” writing it on someone’s forehead as a joke is apparently a Kinnikuman reference) to 果肉入り (“with pulp”), then wonders what kind of pulp it is on the next page. Really couldn’t think of anything good to translate it to other than a Kick Me joke, sadly that makes Kaguya freaking out a little more justified than it probably should have been.

  2. IT’S FINALLY HAPPENING!! I knew the series was too good to just remain a 20 page monthly! So one of my predictions was right (refer to post for chapter 9) huehuehue…

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