RWBY Chapter 1

I haven’t even seen this show, but it’s been a long day and watching grown men lose their shit because manga is being posted on a board for the discussion of manga is strangely therapeutic so here you go.

UPDATE: It has been pointed out to me that the site I got the raws off of was actually missing a page somehow. While I wasn’t going to bother fixing minor errors since someone else should pick this up within a few days, a missing page is too much for me to ignore so I’ve reuploaded it.



11 thoughts on “RWBY Chapter 1

      • There is one more issue, and that’s the pluralization of the word Grimm. It’s like deer, it’s the same whether it’s singular or plural.
        Otherwise good job.

      • I think someone else is going to be actually picking up the series when the magazine hits stores (19th) and I’ve already had to upload the chapter three times so I’m just gonna leave it and work on other stuff. Presumably whoever picks it up will know these things without having to google everything.

  1. came here expecting a new Saike Mata Shitemo chapter & found a RWBY chapter instead
    i’m not even disappointed, this is amazing
    thanks man

  2. So is this like the show without the horrible ear rape voice “acting” that makes it completely unwatchable? Cool.

  3. Hey I’m the official/unofficial translator for /r/RWBY (Reddit). If it’s alright with you can I do the rest of the chapters? I know you mean well but I feel that since I know the lore better and you seem to get a lot of “edit” requests it might be better if I do it :P.

    • Yeah, I did this chapter with the intention that someone else would pick it up. Never planned on doing more than this chapter, and even this one I just did for another reason. The magazine should be out in Japan by now (and it’ll have a digital release on the 1st) so you should be able get better raws and redo this chapter too. There’s also a RWBY clear file that comes with the issue that wasn’t scanned, so that’s another reason to buy it. Have fun doing it.

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