Kitan Jojishi Mother Goose

Here’s a oneshot from the first issue of Jump SQ.CROWN that I really, really liked. I hope it gets serialized, or at least that the author gets to do some stuff in the main SQ magazine. Either way, I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for stuff by him.


Was hoping to do ib today, but I’ve got a cold and colds suck so that’ll have to wait. Maybe Saike since I don’t have to translate that, but it’s unlikely until I’m feeling better.


3 thoughts on “Kitan Jojishi Mother Goose

  1. Thanks, absolutely loved this. If it does get serialized it needs to keep the same female lead, because she was my favorite aspect.

  2. The artist shows promise, but I really wish she would do her homework. For starters, the mediaeval London Bridge was demolished in the 1830s following construction of the “new” bridge – the one that seems to have actually been used as a model here – which was dismantled in its turn in the 1960s, and currently resides in Arizona. (Famously, or at least I thought so.) And that looks suspiciously like the Houses of Parliament in the background, which would put it in the location currently occupied by Westminster Bridge…

    Could say more, but I won’t. Except to add that the girl has a really stupid name, which rather takes the edge off when it’s revealed.

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