Saike Mata Shitemo Chapter 15

Suddenly managed to get raws for several things I’ve been looking for today, including Saike, so time to start Volume 3. It probably won’t go quite as fast as Volume 2 did because I’ve got other stuff to work on, but it is a little shorter since it has the Negatibrain oneshot at the end.


Uramikoi 8, Hitoribocchi 43, and Instant Bullet 11 should all be out soon. Ib will probably be first, maybe even tonight.


4 thoughts on “Saike Mata Shitemo Chapter 15

    • Probably not, since the magazine raws were good enough that I don’t feel the need to replace the cleans. All it’d really do would let me have all the grays be lighter, which makes it easier to see details but you can still see them pretty well anyway. Plus I’d have to redraw all the stuff again and that’s a pain.
      For comparison:

      There is a page where Fukuchi wrote a big note about the oneshot, but I don’t think it’s worth redoing the whole thing just for that one page. Also his handwriting is really annoying to read.

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