Gamma Chapter 20 – END

And that’s all. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading Gamma as much as I’ve enjoyed working on it.

When I first started buying Jump SQ, Gamma was a little over halfway through its run with Volume 3 having just come out. Since it was still fairly new and I wanted to be up to date with as many series in the magazine as possible, I bought the volumes and immediately fell in love with it. While short, it’s become one of my favorite series, and I can’t wait to see Jun Ogino’s next work.

I’ve also started trying to get a hold of some of his older works, which are mostly oneshots that were published in Jump SQ.19. I do have the raws for Namida wo Yurushita Jigoku no Shisha, a oneshot published in the main SQ magazine about a year or so before Gamma began serialization, but the others are proving very hard to find due to old SQ.19 issues being, well, old. Still, while I can’t say it’ll be much of a priority, I’ll do my best to get and translate as many of those oneshots as possible.

With that said, enjoy the final chapter.



16 thoughts on “Gamma Chapter 20 – END

  1. Not much else to say beyond a huge, huge thank you for your hard work. This was a delightful surprise of a series, and I’ll definitely second looking forward to seeing what Ogino comes up with next.

  2. Sorry to bother you after you finish doing this series, but is it possible to get a batch download or something on lines of that? I can’t get the first few, I want to keep this for nostalgia.

    • I probably won’t have time for a few days, but I’ll try and set up a batch. There’s one or two fixes I need to make in older chapters so that’d be a good time to do it, and I still need to get around to translating the three Gamma Rising pages that were with chapters 2-4 in the magazine. If the old downloads are dead (any Mediafire links are long gone), you can get them on IRC if you want them now.

  3. Wow, it’s a Gamma marathon. A Gammarathon!

    Ahem. Anyway, however much you enjoyed working on this, I probably enjoyed reading it more, since I didn’t have to do any of the translating, cleaning, typesetting and all of that crap. Many thanks for doing all of that.

    • There will be, but I want to include the Gamma Rising pages that weren’t in the original release and they’re an absolute nightmare to translate and edit. For reference, this is just one of them.
      Long story short, it’ll be soon (hopefully within a week or two), but that amount of text just makes me want to work on other stuff for a bit.

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