The Negatibrain Oneshot

I was originally going to hold off on releasing this until the end of the week, but I’m not actually sure I’ll be able to get some other stuff by then anyway so I’m just releasing it. This is a oneshot by Tsubasa Fukuchi that was published a few years ago in Big Comic Spirits, so it took a bit of work to track down the issue it was in. Annoyingly enough, about a week after all that, it was announced that it’d be included in Volume 3 of Saike, which is out next month. Still, at least there’s the magazine-only color page, plus not having to wait another month and all that.

On the subject of Saike, Volume 2’s ebook will finally be released this week, meaning I can get around to working on that. I was planning on releasing this along with the full volume, but that might end up being delayed into next week so I figured I’d just get this out so I didn’t forget about it.



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