Blood Blockade Battlefront Extra Chapter

Meant to have this out a few days ago, but stuff came up. This is an extra chapter that for some reason wasn’t included in Volume 10, meaning it’ll be a fairly long time before it gets republished in 11 (or later) and an insanely long time until it gets released in English, so here you go. Thanks to the anon who translated it, hopefully interest in the series hasn’t died down by the time the new magazine starts next month.

You’ll probably notice the cleans are really, really bad; that’s because I scanned it myself from my own copy of the magazine, and I am not debinding that. I made some effort to make it look good, but at some point I just really stopped caring. Also, there are no spoilers in the chapter, so you can read it without having to worry about that. And no, I’m not picking up the series.



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