Hiniiru Chapter 3

Yes, I’m still doing this. No, it’s not that high of a priority for me.


Several other things are either translated or almost there. In less fortunate news, I officially need a new raw provider for Hitoribocchi, meaning I’m either going to have to start asking for money to cover the cost of the magazine or I’m going to have to wait for Volume 9 to come out (at least) five months from now.


7 thoughts on “Hiniiru Chapter 3

    • Chapters 1 and 2 were combined into one big chapter 1 in the first volume, and the magazine chapters after 6 go with that numbering. This chapter said 4 in the magazine but 3 in the volume, and I’m using the magazine raws. They’ll have the right numbers once I finish the first volume, it’s just easier to have these ones be a bit off than the entire rest of the series.

  1. Hola, queria pedirles si me dan permiso de traducir los capitulos de este grandioso manga, tambien me gustaria pedirles si pueden decirme cada cuanto salen los capitulos y demas. Bueno eso es todo gracias y espero su aprobacion.
    Les dejo mi pagina de Facebook para que puedan contactarme o notificarme las publicaciones y demas XD bueno les agradeceria mucho.

    Gracias por traducir este grandioso manga.

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