Monochrome – Teito Ninpouchou Chapter 1

Here’s the first chapter of a series by the author and artist of Freezing that I’m kind of considering picking up. I do like it, but having to translate it myself and it having a ton of redraws are making it a bit unlikely that I’ll go much further with it. Then again, the author’s probably not going to go much further with it either, so I guess that works out in the end.



5 thoughts on “Monochrome – Teito Ninpouchou Chapter 1

  1. Newest work by Im Dal-Young, eh? Lets see how long he continues it before its axed/ended abruptly. 😛 Thx for picking it up tho.

  2. Well, seeing how the main male character in the end, I hope you continue when new chapters do come out; since it will be a pain if someone else does it when it gets to over 10 chapters, only for by chance this gets license in the near future.

  3. Another Dal-Young, cool. I bet it’ll prob get axed in less than 15 chapters,. Oh well, i’ll enjoy the ride for now. Btw, Thanks for picking this up!

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