Akame ga KILL! Chapter 58

Bit late, but here’s this month’s chapter of Akame. I actually had surgery done this morning and I’m in a lot of pain and a bit woozy from painkillers and all that, plus I can’t really walk unassisted, but I figured I’d work through it and get you all the chapter. Enjoy!



58 thoughts on “Akame ga KILL! Chapter 58

    • It’s better to read RAW chapter than reading your fake translation – you guys are dirt on Otakus
      Hope your website get DDOS attack and your PC get hacked and then hacker publish your family photos on the internet


  1. I get that it was April fools and stuff, and it was a really good try, but i don’t think adding fuck and nigga 5 times a sentence counts as humor. I didn’t really think this was funny at all :/ I mean, if the dialogue was well written jokes that’d probably be cool and funny but it was literally just fuck, bitch, and nigga over and over again.

    • Have you never read a mangastream release? That was a jab at how they have an obsessive need to include swear words in every dialogue.

  2. disgusting man, and annoying… 6th page, sooo much annoying words already, then i decided not to continue…. sooooo much annoying with that “f***” words!

    even the manga has become somewhat annoying. you’re at fault -_- …

    • Seriously, while I don’t exactly love Psylocke scans, it’s people like you who are ruining the community. Leechers like you should just back the fuck off lol. Talking about how the scanlators are ruining the things, why don’t you either learn Japanese or make your own group to translate the manga, hmm?

      This is probably the first, and the last time, I would empathize with PROzess, who stated that “Impatient fags are complaining left and right. I’m near the limit of my patience” and “I feel like shooting every leecher on sight…”

      You’re just like the side of 4chan who believe themselves entitled to scanlated chapters by groups.

  3. Thanks for the episode. Again, you were the one that gaves us the chapter. I don’t like the mark that you have put in the chapter. It ruins the reading experience to be honest. But knowing your stance towards mangafox, mangastream and co, it’s understandable somewhat. Afterall, beggers can’t be choosers.

  4. On a second thought…you can stop scanning as you clearly don’t like it. I commented based on the first panel (the one with the TL note). The others are just bad taste and a way to troll your fans. I respected your skills and dedication even though I didn’t quite like your stance towards the community. Yet, with this, you decided to to troll your fans. And this is after your previous AgK posts where you gave the impression that you believed you were doing a favour by publishing the chapter.
    I’m sorry mate, but thanks, but no thanks.
    You’ve lost a fan.

    • While I can’t speak for how Psylocke feels about AgK, I do feel like I need to point out that this chapter was meant as a complete joke, not at all a serious attempt at scanlating a chapter. Today is April Fools Day. The marks, unnecessary swearing, fan “art”, and the TL notes were all jabs at mangastream.

      • Still, I didn’t like it. The raws from the chapter came out a long time ago and neither Mangastream nor Mangafox put out a translated chapter. In the past, Psylock reluctantly picked up their slack, which I commend him for it. I thought this was the same and the first panel was nicely done. Then I read about 5 or 6 more panels and…stopped.
        I felt cheated and that he was toying with the readers. If has so much energy to publish something like this he could at least publish the decent version of the chapter. I don’t know the specifics text for each panel but between the swearing, it seems he took care to make the plot concise and not making the text and the pictures refer to different subjects. That requires skills, skills that could be best be used to deliver a decent chapter.
        I don’t know his motives for publish this. It might be him having a laugh at somebodies expense or some sort of private joke. It’s his blog and the internet so I suppose he can do what he wants. I just know, I will not look out for his releases, anymore.

      • I don’t think he put much effort into it at all. The typesetting looks extremely shoddy, he didn’t do any redraws, I can’t imagine this took much time.

    • Just to straighten out your facts…
      “In the past, Psylock reluctantly picked up their slack, which I commend him for it.”
      Psylocke scanlated AgK BEFORE mangastream even started scanlating it. Psylocke just decided to quit the project after mangastream picked it up, as it’s a waste of efforts to do a release separately. There was a time (or a few) when Psylocke decided to do a release since mangastream was too slow though, so I guess that was what you saw.

      mangafox does NOT scanlate their own manga. They just take the releases of others and share them (like Psylocke’s and mangastream’s).

      Finally, Psylocke’s not the only one doing April Fools’ releases. Some other groups did those before. And as a leech, who are you to judge them for it? Before you judge, consider these facts:
      1. Psylocke already stopped the AgK project. Any release they decide to give out on this manga is a bonus for us leeches.
      2. You claim to be a fan. What are YOU doing to support them? If you’re contributing in some way (such as donation), then I’m wrong.
      3. This April fools release has been cleaned. Only a few pages were added and the dialogues were changed. This does not require much effort compared to cleaning and other scanlation tasks. Meaning…
      4. This joke chapter release is a small hope for a real release we can look forward to. Let them have their fun. They deserve it.

      • Oh my, supporting your arguments with insults. You seem to be preety much acclimatized with the internet environment then.
        Anyhow, just to clarify. I know that Psylock published AgK before all others since I’ve started following the anime. Then he stopped but gaves a chapter or two when the others didn’t, though always with “an interesting author’s note”. To me that’s OK. I thought this release was another sporadic release. I felt thrilled. Then I saw it wasn’t and I felt cheated. This compared with the way he wrote the A/Ns, led to my comment. I got the impression that he was not passioned enough and didn’t really want to put something good for the fans. I didn’t like that. I can be wrong. Impressions, feelings, whatever are all subjective.
        Somehow, I’ve never caught an April’ Fools release for the series I follow (and buy when available). This was news to me. From where Psylock comes, I now get the joke. Yeah, it’s a good message for the people he doesn’t like. It was also a bold move. It’s a good way for one to feel like a million bucks! It doesn’t mean I’ve liked. I don’t like personal attacks, period. And I don’t like seeing a non-chapter from a chapter I’ve waiting for a while now. As I said before, the work required for this could also be used to publish the proper chapter.

      • He’s a guy who thinks this is a personal attack lol. No use arguing with him, kyosei.

  5. People were very desperate for this chapter, so i think it was not a very good idea to use it for…a-a-a-prils, you know?

    • People wanted the chapter, that’s why it IS a good idea to use it for April Fools. Using some unpopular manga… well, there won’t be as many victims.

  6. Can’t believe people make such a big deal out of this. They must be pretty new to this scanlated manga stuff. Scanlation groups have been doing april fools jokes for as long as I can remember

  7. Jag you are one bitch ass fucking nigger motherfucker. Dropping this fucking shit and leaving us with fucking niggerstream.
    You better fucking pick the bitch ass nigger back up or I’ll fucking send you to your grave you fucking shit

  8. Thanks for the chapter, but there’s something that reallly annoying the scan logo on the fucking face & the fuck & niga word are all annyoing u like a kid that just know a new word and spit it out as much as he can,

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