Akame ga KILL! Chapter 56

Mangastream was late and raws were available, so here you go.


This does not mean I’m picking it back up; I most likely won’t do any more chapters after this because I really don’t feel like racing to get it out first every month. I won’t even consider picking it up unless someone flat-out offers to scan the magazine for me or gives me the money I need to get it scanned, because I’m not going to bother paying out of my own pocket for something I might not even end up releasing because someone else got it out first.

And no, I’m not picking up Zero again no matter what happens.

Also, these are out, so buy them if you get the chance.



19 thoughts on “Akame ga KILL! Chapter 56

  1. Just wanted to say thanks Psylocke. I personally prefer your releases over the Mangastream ones. I use Batoto for all my follows so it bothers me that they don’t release it on there. Also, the quality of translation you put out is higher in my opinion. Hopefully someone willing and able shows up to continue scanning it for you. Anyways, thanks for the release.

  2. Thanks for the release, I personally hate the translation by Mangastream. Just comparing the chapters both you and they did, yours seems of much higher quality.

  3. I want to thank you for the new chapter. U are the only sight that does zip files. Reading online is fine but I would like to still have a copy of it. It saddens me to hear you will not do this anymore and I hope you reconsider or some one does what u requested. I wish u luck in all that you do and I thank you for all the work u have done in translating this series.

  4. > or gives me the money I need to get it scanned

    How much _does_ it cost to get chapters scanned?

    • Depends who I ask to scan it. The magazine is 590 yen in Japan so minimum of $6, more like $10 through certain people, previous scanner charged $16, which is also about how much it’d be for me to get an extra copy and scan it myself. Might not seem like that much, but it really adds up over the months and I have very little income.

      • That makes sense.

        So, theoretically, if one were to donate in advance, then you would be amendable to pick up the next AGK chapter as well?

      • That (also) makes sense. I can probably swing donations for the last few AGK chapters since this is the last volume: if you want to keep doing what you do, just let me know.

      • If MS hasn’t released this chapter by the time next month’s is out, I’ll probably look into continuing it. It’s the last arc though, not the last volume, so keep that in mind.

      • If it’s really more of a question on Mangastream, then I know I’m asking a lot, but I’d still very much like to see you continue releasing the Akame ga Kill chapters, as even the first page from this one showed how much better yours is, and their quality only would be an insult to this series.

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