Yuusen Shoujo Chapters 13-14 – END

Finally managed to get myself to do these, so here’s the final two chapters of Yuusen Shoujo. It was pretty obviously not well-planned at all, but it was still a fun series, and I hope the author starts a new one in the future. Enjoy.

Chapter 13
Chapter 14

Also, Ajin Volume 1 is out in English today, so you can buy that if you still read the series. Naturally, my copy won’t come for another few weeks because of stupid pre-order shipping… oh well.


5 thoughts on “Yuusen Shoujo Chapters 13-14 – END

  1. I think the main flaw of this series is the ‘plug-in’ idea. It’s just plain ridiculous that, with such advanced technology she had to be conected by a cable. Even so, the author cheats on this “idea” when she attends classes and then is carried everywhere. Was that a ‘magical’ cable? However, I do think the author developed the character well.
    Thanks for the translation.

  2. I really like the story, I was actually hoping it would lead to become a long manga. I was really rooting for it to do so but since it ended pretty quick, although each chapter was pretty long, which I liked, thank you for working on it. If this were to become an anime, would been sweet to see the effects but at the same time, people would be peeved how it ended quickly. Thanks again for the series.

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