Gamma Chapter 2

I said I’d work on finishing Yuusen before continuing this, but I just haven’t been able to get motivated for that recently so here you go. Sadly, it is very, very likely that Gamma will end next month in Jump SQ with Chapter 20 being the last one. If it doesn’t, I can say with near-absolute certainty that it’ll end with Chapter 24. The series is in its final arc, is wrapping things up, and hasn’t been doing very well in the rankings, so all that’s left to see is if it’ll get one more chapter or one more volume to finish.


Also, I did a small v2 of Chapter 1 a little while ago to change a character’s name to the official spelling, so go ahead and redownload it if you want.


4 thoughts on “Gamma Chapter 2

  1. Dam it. I had the feeling it wasn’t doing well in rankings, being a JUMP magazine after all, even as sub-magazine.
    I tried many forms of search but, I can’t even find a pixiv or twitter for ogino jun-sensei. I want more ogino jun sensei artwork yuri~ And it really did end with vol 5, 20 chapters. it wasn’t bad that it had a nice double yuri ending.
    Aren’t there more Ogino Jun works? please give us more info if you can. Gamma is the only manga I’ve seen of his/her so far. and one of the better yuri (even if treated slightly as subplot) mangas I’ve seen in recent 2 years.

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