Akame Poster

Just got my copy of Joker today, scanned in the poster if anyone wants it.


I’d like to get the Esdeath poster that comes with tomorrow’s issue of Big Gangan, but I didn’t order it yet because of timing issues and there not being anything other than the poster I care about in the magazine. Still haven’t decided if it’s worth the money or not, but here’s a preview of it.

2014-07-24 17.16.37


4 thoughts on “Akame Poster

  1. Glorious Akame poster (that Esdeath would be just as great), thanks for this Jag. All your work is much appreciated.

  2. Thanks Jag, Great Beautiful Akame poster (Esdeath would be just as great please buy it kkkk), and about Akame ga Kill, please don´t give up!! You make the difference with your high quality translations, don´t give up now(they translate because the chapter 50 ends with the feeling of anxious, but it won´t happen all the time), i appreciate so much your work. Thanks again for all ^_^
    PS: Even Yen Press appears please don´t give up, i have an idea for this case.The people from WTDND (Umineko no Naku Koro ni) deleted the chapters and volumes as they launch. Do the same thing, just do not give up!

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