Akame ga KILL! Chapter 51

Here’s this month’s chapter, less than 12 hours after getting raws. As you may have noticed, some kind anon beat me to the punch, but his release was really good and much faster so I can’t really complain. If he wants to keep doing it, I’ll probably just drop the series and let him take over because there isn’t much point in me redoing things. I only even finished this chapter because it was already mostly done. On that note, if I end up dropping Akame, either because someone else is doing it or because I’m asked to by Yen Press, I’ll most likely drop Akame Zero too because I just don’t like it as much as the main Akame.



25 thoughts on “Akame ga KILL! Chapter 51

  1. Thanks for the release! And don’t drop the series please! Anons are usually fly-by-nights and end up dropping the series themselves when they get bored after a few chapters!

  2. Thanks for the release! And I hope you don’t end up dropping this – I’ll definitely be reading your version rather than an anon’s.

  3. There might have been a point if anons translation at least had the old names, but he also went with the badly romanized ones…

    Oh well

  4. Please don’t drop it, it’s always like that, some stupid anon picked it up and make original group drop it and then the quality went down to LQ release D:, on top of that after a while the serie die alltogether…. as of now your releases are in higher quality than that of the anon and the speed are also fast. I don’t want to read a good serie where a bunch of hyena release thier version that I can’t quite enjoy due to the fact of the bad quality.

    This have happenned to so many seires before so please consider to continue with the release.

    Just like with kingdom when MJ start their crappy low speed release but TF still decide to continue and doesn’t give in.

    While it’s true that you might lose some visitors but the most importance thing is that there are still royal fans who enjoy your releases so please think about them too…

    As always thank you for the release.

  5. Thanks for the chap, please don’t drop it, like everyone said, most anon translators are just passers and your quality is so much better compared to some half assed translation.

  6. Thanks for this. I agree with the others here in hoping you don’t drop this. I’ve seen the same old pattern too many times:
    1. Anon with ADD starts translating another group’s project – has speed and the quality is okay (but not as good as the group’s)
    2. Original group drop series
    3. Anon either – starts releasing in poorer quality, or slows down
    4. Readers get annoyed at Anon, leading to DramaQueen and drop
    5. No-one gets any new chapters, or Manga Panda (or some other shitty watermarking substandard group) picks it up
    6. Mass suicide, end of world etc.

  7. A lot of thanks for your work, and PLEASE dont drop it, your work is excellent, please please dont drop it, yen press make drop another works for example de novel of SAO in baka tsuki, so please please dont drop it too

  8. Been a long time follower here, and i never posted a comment, but please dont drop it! You have a higher quality than anons, and they usually drop a series after a short while. Thanks for all your hard work!!

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