Yuusen Shoujo Chapter 10

Once again, this would have been out weeks ago if I’d actually bothered to focus on translating it. I’m still really bad at Japanese, but the series is pretty easy during these chapters so I guess it balances out. There’s only four chapters left, so hopefully the series will be fully scanlated soon. I checked and it turns out the “extra” in Volume 2 was just Chatper 3.5, and there are no extras in Volume 3, so there really isn’t anything other than these chapters. Pity.


I still haven’t gotten raws for Gangan Joker, meaning no Akame or Shinigami-sama for now. I did order the issue along with some other stuff I wanted, but it won’t arrive for at least another week and I’d really like to avoid scanning it since I want to get Joker to read every month along with SQ. I do have Akame Zero raws, but the translator is busy this weekend and won’t be able to touch it until Sunday night at the earliest. Same goes for Hataraku, so this weekend is basically going to be boring as hell for me.


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