Iron Knight Chapter 11

So yeah, as you may have noticed, this isn’t exactly the highest of priorities anymore. There are only a few chapters left, and we are going to finish it, but pretty much everything else is going to take priority, meaning that releases of this will be on a strict schedule of “whenever Knight responds to me slapping him and actually cleans a chapter.”
This is a joint with Mangatopia and MTO.


Hitoribocchi 10 tomorrow, Shinigami-sama 10 the day after that, if all goes well. Which of course, it won’t. Still waiting for Derek to upload the Kigurumi 3 typeset so I can actually work on the damn thing.


6 thoughts on “Iron Knight Chapter 11

  1. “few chapters left” does this means the series got cancel (mangaupdate still listed it as ongoing) or raws is just up to few more chapters?

  2. Alright, just read the last chapter raws. Chapter 16. And, it there an epilogue or something? It definitely can’t end like that.

    • There might be an epilogue, but I’m not sure yet. The first volume, which just came out, had the author’s Iron Curtain oneshot in it, and it says that the third and final volume will have more original content. I think it might just be the Goblin Night oneshot, but there’s a chance that it’ll be an epilogue to the series. Volume 3 isn’t coming out until August though, so there’s no way to know until then.

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