Hitoribocchi no Chikyuu Shinryaku Chapter 8

Why can’t more series have character development as good as this one does? Actually, why can’t more series have character development?

Here’s the first chapter for April, next one probably in or around two weeks from now. There’s one chapter left in volume 2, and I just got scans for volumes 3 and 4, which should keep us going for the next several months. Latest is volume 5, so at the two chapters per month rate it’ll still take a while to catch up, but no need to rush things.

Download | IRC trigger: Waiting for the bot to come back online, yay netsplits.

Not much to say about anything else, although the translator for Bungo seems to have disappeared so I can’t really do much with that right now. Right after I got volume scans, too… Anyway, I’ll try to (finally) translate Yuusen, and maybe get some Donyatsu out. Both of those just keep getting pushed aside for other stuff, which is really a pity.


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