Iron Knight Chapter 9

Here’s chapter 9, 10 should be out in a day or two depending on when I finish typesetting. It’s all clean and redrawn, so pretty much just needs to wait until I have time. This is a joint with Utopia and MTO.

Download | IRC trigger: !iron9

Seki-kun 48 is translated, but the redraws are going a bit slowly. Once that’s out, I’ll try and do Yuusen Shoujo, then maybe some more Shirasunamura. I’m also considering doing a chapter or two of Gou-Dere Bishoujo Nagihara Sora, since I’ve got raws for three of the four unreleased chapters. The fourth one, which just came out today, is the end of Part One of the manga, so it’ll probably go on hiatus for a bit. Given that the magazine it’s published in releases about once every four months, I don’t even want to imagine how long it’ll be before Part 2 starts. Anyway, no promises, but I am looking into doing it if/when I have time.


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