Iron Knight Chapter 8

And somehow, the series is still un-canceled. Doubt it’ll last past two volumes, but it’s already defied my expectations many times over so who knows.

This is a joint with Utopia and MTO.

Download | IRC trigger: !iron8

Bungo Stray Dogs chapter 1 is being typeset at the moment. Hoping for a release later today. I was looking into getting volume raws to make cleaning easier, but since I haven’t gotten them and it’s already translated, I’m just going to use magazine raws. Chances are I’ll get volume raws as soon as Chapter 1 is released due to my luck, so not sure if I’ll do a v2 or whatever. Seems like too much work… Anyway, look forward to that. Wrote that before Bungo was released, was kind of expecting this to be out first. Dunno what else will be out soon, although I can say for sure it won’t be Haru; the schedule for the rest of March is now up on Comic Meteor, and Haru is not on it, meaning it has once again missed its scheduled release date (unless it’s added later, but I’m not getting my hopes up).


5 thoughts on “Iron Knight Chapter 8

  1. Thank you rof the chapter!
    I don’t know why you are so negative, I seen way worst series lasting longer then that.

    And I really hope i didn’t just jinx it by saying that…

    • It’s not that I don’t like the series, it’s that Japan doesn’t. It’s been dead last in the rankings for about a month now, so unless it suddenly shoots way up, there’s no way it’s not getting canceled.

      • Oh, didn’t know that. Damn, after reading the chapter I think the author may already be preparing for that, finding the childhood friend again so soon could mean that he wants to get closure fast.
        Damn it like Double Arts some years ago: a refreshing manga that somehow didn’t please the japanese.

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