Bungo Stray Dogs Chapter 1

After mentioning that I wanted to pick it up in… May 2013, Chapter 1 of Bungo Stray Dogs is finally out! I followed the series for a while back when I bought Young Ace for Yaotsukumo, but I eventually stopped because it was way too hard for me to read, what with all the Japanese literature references. Seriously, the thing has a ton of them. All the thanks go out to Kai for not only offering to translate the series (and in the process reminding me that it existed) but making a quite comprehensive page of notes at the end to explain all the references in this chapter.

The series seems to be doing very, very well in Japan, having already gotten the cover of Young Ace twice in the little over a year it’s been serialized, and is getting a light novel adaptation in April. The author apparently writes two other monthly series at the same time, so I have no clue how he does it. Chapters are fairly long, so I’m not sure what kind of a release schedule this will have. I was hoping to have volume raws, but those weren’t in by the time the translation was ready. Still not sure if I’m getting them or not… Anyway, I have the magazine raws for the first ten or so chapters from back when I bought Young Ace, so I just need to scan them once I get home.

Download | IRC trigger: !bungo1

I did my best to avoid any derps in the chapter, but it was freaking huge, had tons of text, and it’s almost 2 AM. I’ll fix any that are pointed out tomorrow if they’re big enough and I care. Iron Knight 8 is still waiting for Knight to release it, and Shirasunamura 3 is at QCing.


4 thoughts on “Bungo Stray Dogs Chapter 1

  1. Finally, after almost a year of waiting, someone started to translate this!! I already love you ;_; (btw, scans are perfect!!)
    And I haven’t heard about light novel adaptation before… thanks for the info~

  2. Thank you very much for picking this manga. I bought all three volumes a couple of months ago and I was dying to know what is happening there exactly. I fell in love with this manga and it’s characters, but my only hope was that it will get an anime one day.
    Thanks again, this manga definitely worth translation!

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