Akame ga KILL! Chapter 46

Aaaaaand made it for the Thursday release with minutes to spare! I really need to get back to working on other things, but I tend to push those all aside when Akame raws are in. Oh well, can’t really complain because this chapter is awesome. As promised, the bookmarks from last chapter are included (although I still can’t clean color very well, so I may repost it later with better quality).

Download | IRC trigger: !akame46

In other news, it looks like Iron Knight may be cancelled after all, as this week’s chapter heavily implies that the next one will be the last. I’ll typeset chapters as soon as they’re cleaned, but there isn’t really much I can do for cleaning since that’s on MTO. Shirasunamura now has three chapters translated, so I really want to get those out. As usual though, redrawing is absolute hell. No clue when they’ll be ready, but I’ll do my best. I’ll also try and get Yuusen out soon. I really need to finish and/or drop some stuff, because I have got WAY too much to be working on right now…


10 thoughts on “Akame ga KILL! Chapter 46

  1. Wow that Shura and his group have quickly moved to the top of the worst list in this series! Can’t wait to see how they all die, hope its painful and nasty.

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