Akame ga KILL! Zero Chapter 4

Was going to say that we managed to get this chapter out before we got raws for the next one… but we got those like an hour ago, so whatever. Next chapter shouldn’t take as long to come out, this just got delayed a lot. This is a joint with MTO.

Download | IRC trigger: !akamezero4

Raws for Akame Main are in, and it’s about 2/3 cleaned. I’m aiming for a release on or around Thursday to give me time to finish all the redraws. I also bought last month’s issue of Gangan Joker so I could scan the bookmarks it came with, but I managed to forget both them and my scanner at home, so I won’t be able to scan them until Thursday anyway. If the chapter ends up being ready tomorrow or something insanely early like that, I’ll release it then, but otherwise I’ll probably just delay it a little bit for the bookmarks.

Since Shinigami-sama is also in Joker, raws for that are in, too. I’ll work on that after Akame is done. Shirasunamura 2 is translated, and I need to actually work on Yuusen once in a while or I’ll forget it exists, so those should both be soon as well. Iron Knight 7 is all done other than one redraw which is taking much longer than it should be.


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