Iron Knight Chapter 6

Yes, it’s been a while. No, it’s not my fault. Stuff happened, and people living in different time zones makes it really annoying to coordinate things. Chapter 7 should be out soon.

This is a joint with MTO and Utopia.

Download | IRC trigger : !iron6


3 thoughts on “Iron Knight Chapter 6

  1. Hay this is mike from kickass scans
    thanks for uploading a better quality version of chapter 6
    i was just wondering will you be releasing this manga weekly from now on
    and how do you plan on catch up on the chapters you are behind with

    • There was a lower-quality version? I didn’t even know that, never saw anything about it. Anyway, release speed is pretty much dependent on how fast MTO cleans and redraws, plus when I’m able to be online at the same time as Knight so we can release. Chapter 6 was actually ready for like a week before we were able to release together, so it can get pretty delayed. Chapter 7 is all done minus one redraw, so I guess that’ll be ready soon.

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