Ajin Chapter 10

Been a while, but here’s the first chapter of Volume 3, thanks to Lively Scans. As you may have heard, this series has been licensed in the United Stated by Vertical, Inc. I already have the Japanese volumes, and I plan on buying the English releases as well to support the author and the manga industry. You’ve only been reading this series so far because the author is getting paid to write it, so please show your support by buying the releases whenever they are available in your area. Additionally ,since we already have raws and Vertical won’t be releasing Volume 1 in English until the fall, we and Lively Scans are planning on continuing the series for now  in order to make sure it gains a wider audience. However, we have both agreed to immediately drop the series if we are ever asked to by Vertical. We intend to support the industry in whatever way we can.

Download | IRC trigger: !ajin10

I was going to make the same post about Seki-kun a few weeks ago, but I never actually had a release of that, so consider this to be that announcement.


2 thoughts on “Ajin Chapter 10

  1. Thanks for being so respectful of the author’s rights! We appreciate it. Could you direct people to CrunchyRoll.com where the manga is currently being translated online officially by the original publisher Kodansha!

    We’ll be releasing the print edition in the Fall as you stated but there already is an official edition, so we really should have people support that if they want to really support the author.

    Many thanks!

    Vertical, Inc.

    • Oh wow, didn’t think anyone even read stuff from this far back. You’re right, I should have added a thing about Crunchyroll, but it completely slipped my mind. It’s up now though, so if there’s anything else I can do for you, please don’t hesitate to ask. I’m looking forward to being able to buy the print releases!

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