Donyatsu Chapter 32

There’s been a slight staff change for Donyatsu, but you probably don’t care about that. What you probably do care about is that said staff change means that the next several chapters are already translated, and Donyatsu releases will most likely start flying out over the next week or so. I’ve just got to finish an essay, then I’ll be able to do at least a chapter a day or so, which means we might actually catch up pretty soon. On the other hand, we no longer have anyone who actually knows how to fansub, so the anime is going to be stalled (further) until someone who can do that offers to help out.

Download | IRC trigger: !donyatsu32


2 thoughts on “Donyatsu Chapter 32

  1. Oh my! I DID notice the change in translator at least haha. Hihi Triplicate! Thank you for your translation work.
    What happened to KoolKid? He doing okay? o=
    Also, thanks for the lovely work in this chapter, Jagman and scan-friends!

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