Tonari no Seki-kun 45th Period

Decided to do this now because it was translated and I could not for the life of me actually focus on TV for some reason. Chapter 46 might take a bit longer because it’s a double-length chapter, which means twice as many redraws. That said, 46 is my absolute favorite chapter of the series, and possibly of all series I’ve read. It’s just that good, so I’ll get it out as fast as I can once that’s translated. Until then, Akame Zero 3 is at QC and Hitoribocchi 3 has been translated.

Download | IRC trigger: !seki45

Seki-kun was on the cover of Comic Flapper for the issue this chapter was in, so that’s included in the release. It also came with a little make-your-own-shogi-pieces thing, which I included so you can print it out and do whatever with it.


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