Donyatsu Chapter 31

I cannot describe with words how much I enjoy looking forward to seeing the script for Chapter 32. Not sure when it’ll be out, but hopefully soon. The gap between us and Japan is down to 13 chapters…

Download | IRC trigger: !donyatsu31

Some good news: thanks to some favors being called in, Hitoribocchi no Chikyuu Shinryaku Chapter 2 has FINALLY been translated. I should be able to get Chapter 3 done too, but it’ll be back to being “stalled” after that until someone else offers to do it. I’ll probably make getting Chapter 2 out a priority since it’s been… almost 9 months since Chapter 1 was released? Iron Knight 5 is also translated, but I’m taking a break from typesetting it to study. I’ll try and have it finished tomorrow after my final.


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