Iron Knight Chapter 3

To those of you who celebrate Christmas, here’s some more Iron Knight to bring joy and cheer to your holidays. To those of you who (like me) don’t celebrate it… here’s some Iron Knight anyway. Chapter 4 is almost done, just a page or so left. Apparently the amount of redraws in this series is inversely proportional to the amount of pages in the chapter… Thanks to MTO and Utopia for all the work.

Download | IRC trigger: !iron3

Akame 44 raws are in. The translator will do it some time this week, most likely after Christmas. I’ve been cleaning it and will do my best to get it out fast, but all other series, and possibly Akame too, will have to take a back seat to my finals which start next week. In other news, I just learned that OniiNyan has ended in this month’s issue of Young Ace, at Chapter 14. I’d like to finish the series, but editing it is a lot of work and I don’t have very much time, which is why it’s currently listed as “stalled.” If anyone is experienced at editing and wants to help me finish OniiNyan (and possibly free me up for another series), please let me know.


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