Akame ga KILL! Chapter 43

Apparently I’m doing this now. I’ve been proofreading it for over a year now with Animum Mutare, so the only real difference is that now I’m editing it too. I took a few shortcuts while editing this chapter to get it out quickly, but I shouldn’t have to do that from now on. There shouldn’t be any issues because of those, so any derps are from me not going to sleep when I should. The next chapter comes out in Japan tomorrow, and I’ll get started on that as soon as I get raws. Other than that (and probably Akame Zero, which comes out a few days after), I probably won’t be doing very much scanlation work as my finals are starting and will continue for the next two weeks. After those comes winter break, so I’ll try and catch up on a few things then.

Download | IRC trigger: !akame43


7 thoughts on “Akame ga KILL! Chapter 43

  1. WOW THANKS FOR THE RELEASE!! I also follow your releases on tonari no seki kun!! Thank you for picking up this series from Animun Mutare!

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